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1. Editorial Policies
Incessant Nature Science Publishers follows a distinctive editorial policy. We develop clinically-based content using a peer-reviewed process to produce an objective analysis of clinically-relevant scientific information.

Every database update is subject to a strict editorial review process that employs a system of double checks to guarantee timely and accurate scientific information. The process is ongoing and quality assurance activities are performed throughout the content development cycle. The overall editorial process is reviewed regularly for system improvements.

Editors have no significant financial relationships with the authors that might introduce bias in the editing or review of database content.
2. Editorial and Peer Review processes
Each manuscript submitted Journals under Incessant Nature Science Publishers if found to be suitable will be sent to atleast 3 reviewers for peer reviewing. A double blind peer review process is strictly adhered to.

The reviewer comments shall be intimated to the corresponding authors email

The corresponding author should resubmit the manuscript with the corrections within 5 days

Each Manuscript shall be evaluated on the following basis:

1. The originality of its contribution
2. The soundness of its theory and methodology
3. The coherence of its analysis
4. Its ability to communicate to readers (Grammar & style)

In reviewing an article for a Journal under Incessant Nature Science Publishers the Editor - in - Chief is interested in the overall opinion of the article and any comments the reviewer wish to pass to the author to assist him/her in making the article publishable.

The editor would appreciate atleast one paragraph indicating why this paper makes a contribution to our knowledge. If it does not, the reviewer’s frank and candid opinion of why not is most welcome.
3. Advertising polices for web publications
Individual journal and/or subject specific advertisements for Incessant Nature Science Publishers journals can be placed in related Incessant Nature Science Publishers journals (subject to publisher or journal editor approval).

Advertisement material along with purchase order and payment should reach us at least four weeks prior to the scheduled print date.

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Images should be provided in TIFF format with a minimum resolution of 300-600 DPI For advertisements

Contact us at or
4. Statements concerning Conflict of Interest, Human and Animal Rights, and Informed Consent for publications
A. Declaration /Conflict of interest policy
Incessant Nature Science Publishers journals group has a transparent publications policy and adheres in principle to the Conflict of Interest policy recommended by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). Incessant Nature Science Publishers Journals does not discriminate on the basis of the source of material submitted, provided full disclosure is provided and appropriate declaration of interest statements and acknowledgments are included in published manuscripts. Thus, we require that authors/submitters include comprehensive ‘Declaration of Interest’ and ‘Acknowledgements’ sections in submitted articles. All authors must disclose any financial and personal relationships with other people or organizations that could inappropriately influence (bias) their work. It is the sole responsibility of authors to disclose any affiliation with any organization with a financial interest, direct or indirect, in the subject matter or materials discussed in the manuscript (such as consultancies, employment, paid expert testimony, honoraria, speakers bureaus, retainers, stock options or ownership, patents or patent applications or travel grants) that may affect the conduct or reporting of the work submitted. All sources of funding for research are to be explicitly stated. If uncertain as to what might be considered a potential conflict of interest, authors should err on the side of full disclosure.
More specifically, we request for the following:
All relevant potential conflicts of interest for each named author and/or a statement of no-conflicts if there are none relevant to the contents of the article for any author(s).
Disclosure of how the article is funded, and specifically, the disclosure of any and all pharmaceutical company funding (partial or total) OR a statement that there was no involvement of a pharmaceutical/other company (if this is the case).
Comprehensive explanation of the role of the sponsors in article preparation (if the article is sponsored in part or whole).
Disclosure of any medical writing/editorial assistance with the preparation of the article (the medical communication agency and the individuals involved need to be named).
Incessant Nature Science Publishers Journals also strictly requires that all individuals who meet authorship criteria as per ICMJE requirements are included as authors on an article.

Contributions from individuals who do not qualify for authorship should be acknowledged in the ‘Acknowledgments’ section. This should include details (with professional affiliations) of any other contributorship, such as data analysis, statistics, data collection, technical assistance, special thanks, personal assistance, and dedications.

The ‘Declaration of Interest’ and ‘Acknowledgements’ sections will be made available to reviewers and will appear in the published article. Please note that the Editor(s) or Publisher can make or suggest changes to these statements where necessary. If any potential conflicts of interest are found to have been withheld following publication, the journal will proceed according to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidance.

The intent of this policy is not to prevent authors with any particular relationship or interest from publishing their work, but rather to adopt transparency such that reviewers, editors, the publisher, and most importantly, readers can make objective judgments concerning the work product.
B. Human and Animal Rights
Experimentation involving human subjects will only be published if such research has been conducted in full accordance with ethical principles, including the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki (version, 2002 and the additional requirements, if any, of the country where the research has been carried out. Manuscripts must be accompanied by a statement that the experiments were undertaken with the understanding and written consent of each subject and according to the above mentioned principles. A statement regarding the fact that the study has been independently reviewed and approved by an ethical board should also be included. Editors reserve the right to reject papers if there are doubts as to whether appropriate procedures have been used.

When experimental animals are used the methods section must clearly indicate that adequate measures were taken to minimize pain or discomfort. Experiments should be carried out in accordance with the Guidelines laid down by the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the USA regarding the care and use of animals for experimental procedures or with the European Communities Council Directive of 24 November 1986 (86/609/EEC) and in accordance with local laws and regulations.
2.3 Clinical Trials
Clinical trials should be reported using the CONSORT guidelines available at A CONSORT checklist should also be included in the submission material.

Incessant Nature Science Publishers encourages authors submitting manuscripts reporting from a clinical trial to register the trials in any of the following free, public clinical trials registries:,, The clinical trial registration number and name of the trial register will then be published with the paper.
C. Informed Consent for publications
Publication of any personal information about an identifiable living patient requires the explicit consent of the patient or guardian. We expect authors to use the patient consent form which is available with the respective Incessant Nature Science Publishers journals.

You must have signed informed consent from patients (or relatives/guardians) before submitting to Incessant Nature Science Publishers journals. Please anonymise the patient’s details as much as possible, eg, specific ages, ethnicity, occupations.

If the patient is dead the Data Protection Act does not apply, but the authors must seek permission from a relative (ideally the next of kin).

If you don't have signed consent from a deceased patient, guardian or family, the head of your medical team/hospital or legal team must take responsibility that exhaustive attempts have been made to contact the family and that the paper has been sufficiently anonymised not to cause harm to the patient or their family. You will need to upload a signed document to this effect.

For "Images in ..." articles if it is completely anonymised we may be able to waive consent.
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